In 2007, at the age of 36, Bryn Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive condition which affects the part of the brain which controls movement. The condition can cause difficulties which include tremor, stiffness and slowness of movement.

Bryn knew nothing of Parkinson’s disease when he was diagnosed.  Like many people he thought it was a disease that older people suffered from. Boy, was he wrong.  There are around tens of thousands of people in their thirties, forties and fifties in the UK who are living with this condition.

Even worse, when he embarked on his voyage of discovery, he found that the Internet is full of websites informing you that life is crap, is going to get more crap and you may as well just accept it.  Say goodbye to your friends, close the door and turn off the lights.

They say depression is the biggest single symptom of Parkinson’s.  Reading all the negative b*ll*cks written about it, this is not a surprise.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Every cloud has a silver lining.  And that lining can be overwhelming sometimes.

This website is for people looking for information on Parkinson’s Disease and particularly for information on living well with Parkinson’s Disease.  The people who blog on this site are advocates of using Laughter, Hope and a Positive Attitude towards managing your condition.

We do not report on the negativity associated with Parkinson’s.  We concentrate on the positive

This website also provides information on the efforts of the WobblyWilliams team to raise awareness of the condition and funds for research into the causes, treatment and cure of Parkinson’s Disease.  Everyone with Parkinson’s disease can contribute to our awareness raising by participating in an event, writing letters to important people or persuading someone to put on the Wobbly Try-Athletes top and participating in a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon.

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