Drymen to Milngavie – 12 miles

On paper, this was the easiest day.  The sun was shining, the path was good and the walk itself was relatively flat and short.

Another gaggle of people joined us including Drew and Vicky Westwood from ice hockey, Billy from work (I have no idea what his full name is); Emma, Siobhan and Julie from the office; Scott , Bob and Alan from the 2009 walk and Kilimanjaro; Mhairi, Claire, Katie, Lucy, John, Sally, Vicky, Ella, Olivia, Charlotte, Kirsten, and their dog. My brother Gareth joined us with Mia and Judy’s husband John during the day.

And it also marked the return of Corrie; the most adorable dog in the world unless you are a sheep, a bedroom carpet or a bus driver.

Today was the day, however, I was also joined by my Parkinson’s. I was at my most vulnerable; I was physically tired and emotionally drained. He did all he could, which after 10 years still isn’t very much, by making my walking difficult and slowing me down. It was a reminder that this is just a moment in time and that I still have to live with him on a daily basis.

The walk past in a blur. We passed dozens of walkers going the other way, just setting out on the journey.  Smiling at us in our wobbly tartan, enjoying the pleasant walk. Unsuspecting fools. This weather and these paths will not last.

Everybody waiting for me around half a mile from the finish to lead them in. Karen and Matt joined  me at the front, and with just 50 yards to go Karen I attempted a sprint finish. We did ok.

And then it was done. I march on.

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