Bridge of Orchy to Tyndrum – 6 miles

Today the weather forecast was miserable. And correctly so. Fortunately we had options, so we walked the short section from Bridge of Orchy to Tyndrum. Six miles in two hours.  We set off at 11.55am. A new decade began.

Two hours which epitomised the last ten years, epitomised the approach I have taken, mostly by accident rather than design….
– I cried. I sang, I laughed, but mostly I laughed. Whilst smiles can be hopeful, laughs are full of hope.
– I was exercising – I used the very thing Parkinson’s tries to stop to make it harder for him to stop me.
– I surrounded myself with people with a positive attitude who were using my Parkinson’s as an excuse to do something they probably would otherwise never have done.
– I used my two little girls as my motivation. If you are going to defy something, defy for a reason.
– I ate chocolate and sausage rolls, and drank beer. Live is too short.

Many people with Parkinson’s defy this condition and many subscribe to the view “I may have Parkinson’s but Parkinson’s doesn’t have me”. I understand the sentiment of this approach but the phrase, to me, implies you are resisting it not fighting it. My approach is ..

“I sometimes suffer from Parkinson’s but Parkinson’s always suffers from me”.*
He may well have the last laugh, but I will laugh the longest.

* Tony comments everyone suffers from f****** Bryn. 

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