The results of the trial were published today in the scientific press.  The headline result is negative.

The trial didn’t meet its endpoint.  As a result, the trial failed.

Time to fold up my towel, put away the sun cream, head home from the beach, shut the door and accept my fate.

Bollocks to that.

With glorious hindsight we now know the dose was too low, the length of the placebo period was too short and the measurement scale has limitations.

Correcting any one of these factors and the trial would have been a success.

Correct all three and I would be doing one finger press ups right now rather than one finger typing.

These are the facts:

FACT – All but 4 people of the 41 that finished the trial improved in their off drugs movement scores (the primary outcome measure). THIS IS REVERSAL OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE.

FACT – On average the volunteers were about 30% BETTER by the end of the trial.  You would have expected them to get between 3 and 6% WORSE over the period of the trial. THIS IS REVERSAL OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE.

FACT – Some improved by over 60%.  I was probably the least advanced person on the trial and I improved by 20%.    I should have got 3% worse. A 23% swing.  As you will see from the second documentary there was a marked improvement in my tremor. THIS IS REVERSAL OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE.

FACT –  the brain scans showed the regrowth of dopamine nerve endings. This doesn’t prove they were working but there’s a case for arguing that it takes any new growth a while to produce a crop. THIS IS REVERSAL OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE.

FACT I was there. I walked that walk. I had the drug for a year.  I finished the drug nearly three years ago.  I still have many of the improvements the drug gave me. THIS IS REVERSAL OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE.

So what happens next?

Prof Gill and Dr Whone still stand tall, and believe this treatment can work, or at the very least warrants further investigation.

Funding Neuro will continue to champion it.

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust believe in it.

But most important of all Parkinson’s UK are totally committed to this treatment and if there is a way to advance this treatment they will invest the money and deliver on this commitment. I heard this from Parkinson’s UK’s CEO Steve Ford on Monday.

Pass me the suncream.

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