So this is the week. The week we announce our biggest ever fundraising event. The photo shoot is on Thursday, the press release goes on Friday so watch this space over the weekend. In the same way the Wobbly Banquet changed the face of charity events in Glasgow and the West, this event will do the same in Aberdeen and the North. Aberdonians – you ain’t seen nothing like it.

It will be very wobbly – jelly will be prominent. As it should be.
It will be very different – all of our events are different to the previous one. We have rarely done the same thing twice. This will be a leap into the unknown however.
It will be very, very funny. For me anyway.

The target fundraise for the event is estimated at £200,000. This money will go towards trials of the Frenchay delivery system for the treatment of brain tumours in children (what  has that got to do with Parkinson’s I hear you shout? Well if we can cure brain tumours in children then they can live normal lives until they develop Parkinson’s disease. The more people who have Parkinson’s disease the more chance we have curing it. And curing kids of brain tumours would also be a pretty cool thing to do.)

The most exciting part of all of this however is that this event should take us passed the £1 million raised mark. I remember Ian telling me to set the target at £50,000 when I said I wanted to raise £10,000 on the West Highland Way in 2008. £50,000 seemed an absolutely staggering amount and here we are planning to raise our one millionth.

It’s been great fun.

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