Tonight is Dunblane’s Big Fat Wedding. Over the years it has gone under the guise of a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, a Big Fat Wobbly Wedding but tonight is the Big Fat Wedding – the finale. I first got involved in The Big Fat Wedding two years ago and nearly did not get involved at all. One of the organisers, Liz, contacted me to see if Wobbly Williams/Funding Neuro would like to be the charity of the event. One of their local Parkinson’s sufferers had suggested us. Due to personal circumstances I cocked up the entire meeting process with Liz and nearly lost contact with a network which has become integral to the fabric of Funding Neuro. It was at this point Anne-Marie Cairns phoned. She gave me a hard time on the phone for not having contacted Liz back and told me EXACTLY what was going to happen. A human dynamo. Determined and good hearted At the time I thought she was unique.

We arranged to meet in Dunblane on the day of the first Gypsy Wedding. I walked into the church hall to be met by a gaggle of beautiful ladies dressing the hall for the first wedding. It was then I realised that Anne-Marie is not unique. Her family and friends are equally determined and good hearted. They are an amazing bunch of ladies who can turn their hand to anything.

Their support for our charity has been amazing and the support they have given me last year has been phenomenal. Every year I know it may be the last event they do for us; there are amazing charities representing amazing causes across Scotland and I am grateful that they have supported us for the last three years.

So I go into tonight looking forward to it but knowing it may be the end.

If it is, then thank you.

If it is not, then what comes after the finale?

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