Or to be more precise A Wobbly Day Out with The Cast of Emmerdale!!! Like hunnerds of them coming to Aberdeen to do an event for Funding Neuro!!!!! How cool is that????? Well three events to be precise – A Big Night In With The Cast Of Emmerdale on Friday 13 June at Thainstone Centre; a daytime event on Saturday 14 June at Storybook Glen featuring Its A Wobbly Knockout, The Jellympics and The Third ITC World Haggis Hurling Championships; and then The Wobbly Banquet on the Saturday evening at Thainstone House.


How did we come to be the new best friends of the cast of Emmerdale???? Enter George and JJ.  I know they sound like to characters from Sesame Street but they are not.  JJ works for a client, Spex Services, and I took him as a guest to our Houston House dinner in October.  He loved it and pledged there and then to bring us to Aberdeen.  He introduced me to George Walker of George Walker Event Management, who listened to the story from start to finish. He loved it and started pulling strings.  Ropes in fact. And here we are.


I really can’t wait!!!


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