My New Year’s Day weigh in was 18 stones and 13 pounds. If you’re going to lose weight you might as well start at a big number. My target is therefore 14 stones and 13 pounds.

So how am I going to lose this weight? Well, I’m not going on a fad diet because that is unsustainable. I can’t eat Brussels sprout soup or starve two days a week for the rest of my life.

Instead, I’m going to use the simple formula of eat less and exercise more. I figure that if I cut things out of my diet which I like (beer, bacon sandwiches etc) to lose weight then I’ll just go back to my old ways and put weight on. Instead I need to eat and drink less of these things, but still enough to get pleasure from them.

I also have to exercise sustainably. There is no point in starting a gym regime when I will stop going after a few weeks. A half hour walk everyday is sustainable. All the calories I burn through exercise I add to my daily calorie allowance. At my weight, a half-hour walk burns off in the region of 200 calories. The same as a bacon sandwich. My exercise app tells me when I have finish my walk how many calories I have burned. Rather than saying “1.5 miles completed, 200 calories consumed” it would be so much more motivational if it said “1.5 miles completed, you have earned another bacon sandwich.”

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