Disney World Florida is brilliant. We have been here a week and I now know why everyone who I have asked about it loves it. The attention detail is remarkable, the attractions are spectacular and everyone believes. Believes in dreams coming true, happy ever afters and loves true kiss. I had my haircut at the Harmony Barbers on Main Street USA on the Magic Kingdom and wondered did Snow White and the other princesses have other roles such as being a loading assistants on Splash Mountain and how many Snow Whites are there? I was met with a puzzled look. “There is only one Snow White.” No further discussion was invited or needed.

After one week I also believe in dreams coming true etc. And unlimited refill mugs, Kitchen Sink ice cream sundaes and air conditioning. This place is hot.

I also wonder how much soap I will get to bring back. Everyday two new bars appear in or room. Everyday I put them unused into my suitcase for presents for my colleagues and friends. Surely Mickey has cottoned on that no one needs this much soap?

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  1. christinewilliams

    I loved the soap, though I didn’t stash it away EVERY day. Glad to hear you are enjoying it, I loved it, would go back in a heart beat. Sis x

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