Why did I stop blogging? I really don’t know. It’s two years since I climbed Kilimanjaro and I have hardly blogged since. There have been a few false starts and this is another potential one. I’m not motivated to start again; I’m time poor and I enjoy my new life where I don’t think Parkinson’s 24/7. But there is much happening and I get enjoyment from sharing it, so share it I will. Or at least start to.

As a charity, Funding Neuro will break new ground; fundraising for use of the Frenchay delivery system to deliver chemo to brain tumours. We have targeted raising £250,000 this year which will take us passed the £1m mark through a series of top notch events like A Night at The Wacky Races, The Dunblane Wedding and The Great Scots Cup.

The highlight of the year will be the weekend of June 13-15. Three events in Aberdeen which will raise the bar again. The press launch is next week and we will spill the beans then.

My Parkinson’s continues grind at me. I admire his tenacity. However a positive mindset is keeping me ahead but exercise has had many false starts too. Every first run I try I pick up an injury. Today was a third run in the latest false start and my knee is like a balloon. It is most frustrating.

But its all about taking positive steps and keeping hope alive. It burns brighter in me than ever.

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  1. hiyaitsfiona

    Good to see that you’re blogging, Bryn. I hope you keep it going. We’re looking forward to following the ups and downs of your life, whether it involves PD or not. If of interest, our blog is http://hiyaitsfiona.blogspot.co.uk/. We hope you’re doing OK.

  2. nycyn

    Bryn … it is nice to see you posting. Such a great force in Glasgow at the WPC. I still remember and continue to be inspired by your speech. PD is a mighty foe; I will continue to hope it is not bigger than both of us (and my brother in NY, too). – Cynthia (Carlisle, UK)

  3. er51

    So I am still here..Really good to read about the Wobbly adventures of Williams. MORE PLEASE!

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