I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but it is quite entertaining. My current source of material upon which to pass judgement are people on disability scooters at Disney’s themeparks. Enough to fill a small library.

My conclusion is the majority of them are not disabled by anything other than their own attitude.

Disabled people are treated like royalty at Disney (which is ironic because the Disney royalty are perfection personified). If you ride a disability scooter you get to the front of every line along with your entire family circle, your close acquaintances and anyone else you like the look of. It is a great wheeze to get to ride the rides faster, get on the buses first, and swerve to clip someone’s ankles and then complain that they are in your way. A great way to generally act as if the world owes you something. I feel sorry for people like that.

Disney is good at making you feel special. My girls have been called Princess so many times I am starting to believe it. Every time we walk through the doors of the hotel, we are met with a smile and a “Welcome home”. Even the people who guide you to your seat on the rollercoasters are super friendly, giving no inking of what lies ahead. I would find it very difficult not to add to the fear. Saying in a staged whisper to a colleague “Do you think he will make it?” The hours of fun I would have.

The parks are great. It’s amazing how Disney has endured.  The Magic Kingdom is over forty years old, but still shines like a new pin,some of the truly old stuff like The Carousel of Progress from the 1965 World’s Fair is still a great spectacle and sits comfortably alongside the Buzz Lightyear ride and the Monster’s Inc. Laughter Floor.  Disney isn’t about rollercoasters, it is about spectacle, delight and surprise. It is fantastic.

Tomorrow we head to Universal Orlando which is about rollercoasters.  Big scary ones.  I cannot wait. My two favourite Disney ones, Rock n Roller Coaster and Expedition Everest, are described in the guidebook as as scary as Dumbo in comparison to Universal.  I truly hope so.

We made some friends this week, Gina, Noel, Ella and Anna.  They were here for a week from Indiana and their boundless enthusiasm gave us a new perspective on enjoying Disney. Do it late at night and savour it all. They head home today and our final week will be emptier without them. Stupidly they told me about a half marathon round the Indy 500 race track.  They will regret inviting me and the TryAthletes to that!

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