Karlovy Vary is a spa town west of Prague. It isn’t a world Mecca for beer, it is just a beautiful place and we’ll worth a visit. Or hotel room was palatial. A two bedroom apartment in fact with a massage shower, a whirlpool bath and a toilet with a directable jet for cleaning your bottom. Or performing colonic irrigation depending on how much pressure one applies.

The buildings are elegant; parts of Casino Royale was filmed there, and the hot spa waters bubble out of taps in the street. There will be words to describe the architecture, but I don’t know what it is but I’m sure Bohemian will be in there somewhere.

We tried the brewery, very nice, and sampled a few bars. Quiet night.

Monday was a great day. The so was Plzen; the home of lager.  The place where the pilsner method of producing beer was discovered and the home of Pilsner Urquell. We spent most of the afternoon are the brewery sampling the beer, doing the tour and starting in wonder at the copper vat that the original batch of pilsner beer was made in 1842. I will stop gushing here as I feel like an anorak.

The highlight of the day was drinking the beer in the cellar of the brewery. It was fabulous. We then spent the rest of the day sampling in every bar we could find.

In true anorak fashion we are taking a photo of every drink we have. It is an impressive gallery.

Budweis today.

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