“Uncle Bryn, why are you so fat?” my four year old nephew, Roddy, asked me on Boxing Day Everyone laughed at this amusing question. I didn’t reply. I just made a note of his name in my list of people to take a slow and painful revenge on.

However, whatever way you dress it up, he has a point; I am fat. I am not chubby, or heavier than I would like, I am fat. I am at the wrong end of eighteen stone and I should be, at least, four stones lighter.

I have always been chubby. I am sure I could find an analyst who could find a reason to make me feel better about it; the inevitable consequence of coming from a broken home or carrying the burden of an incurable condition. But, in reality, there are only two factors which have led to this situation: each day I eat more calories than I need to give me the energy to get through the day; and I don’t exercise enough to burn off the excess calories.

So my plan is simple:
1. I will set my target weight at four stones less than what I weigh on New Year’s Day morning;
2. I will aim to lose it by 9 July (the day I go on holiday);
3. ‎I will lose the weight by eating less and exercising more; and
4. ‎I will blog about it to motivate me or, put another way, I will blog about it because of I choose to give I will have to confess this to the billions of people who do not read this blog but could if they wanted to.

May be I owe Roddy a vote of thanks for his plain speaking and I should give him his favourite teddy back.

So 56 pounds in 189 days. Starting Monday. Well probably Tuesday.  You can’t be expected tos tart dieting on New Year’s Day can you?

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