I haven’t finished blogging about Disney yet but I need to blog about another momentous event in the life of our wee enterprise – the start of the TryAthletes running sessions.

Alan has added a cafe to his flooring empire, in his showroom at St Georges Cross in Glasgow.  The cafe is decked out in wooden flooring, that is the counters, tables etc are made from wooden flooring.  If it can be made from wooden flooring it is.  If it can’t be made from wooden flooring it is made from stone floor tiles.  A work of genius.  Alan has a passion for sport and our wee charity so the cafe also has a cycling theme and will be the permanent base for the TryAthletes.  A place where TryAthletes can meet, drink coffee and look at each others toes, comparing tails of nails going black and dropping off due to physical exertion or over tight running shoes/walking boots.  I am ecstatic.  My children are tired of looking at my vacant toes and the Surface+ Cafe will bring them to a whole new audience.

The new chapter in our life opened on Wednesday with our first training night which involved Alan inflicting running, various stretching manoeuvres, laps of increasing intensity around part of Kelvingrove park, coffee, brownies and lentil soup n the attendees,

I had a wake up call the last time I looked at my feet that I hadn’t been training/running anything like enough. All my toe nails are present and correct.  I had another one last night as I laboured back to the cafe.  Alan’s initiative has come just at the right time for me.

Best of luck with the new venture Big Al!

TryAthlete Training Sessions – Sundays 9.30am and Wednesday 7pm Surface + Cafe, Great Western Road, Glasgow (down beside St Georges Cross Subway).

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