Kinlochleven to Fort William

We arrived in Tyndrum at the end of day 5 soaking wet. We probably had two or three hours before we would be back at the hotel in Kinlochleven so I invested in some dry clothes. Notably, a pair of imitation Crocs. I do leave myself open to ridicule, which duly followed.

We headed back to Kinlochleven, stopping briefly at Bridge of Orchy to let Karen and I complete a missed section of about 200 yards, which we ran whilst being chased by the taxi the rest were sitting in.

That night was fantastic. We laughed, we drank, we slagged each other off. I took photographs of the team doing two fingers at Parkinson’s with me. Tony is a man who doesn’t like to make choices and he was spared the choice of which hand to make for the two fingered salute with as the other one was out of action due to Mighty Mart trapping three of his fingers in the taxi door. Fortunately, Tony declared himself fit before Matt had the chance to putting him over his shoulder and run to the nearest accident and emergency. Mighty Matt becomes Masher Matt.

I expected the 10th anniversary to be hard but spent with people like this, it was fantastic. As Tony said, let’s hope I don’t have many more anniversaries. I’m sure he meant anniversaries of having Parkinson’s Disease because he wants me to be cured. As opposed to anything sinister. I’m sure that’s what he meant.

With the middle 65 miles done, all that remained were the ends. Day 6 we completed the Kinlochleven to Fort William stretch. Leona joined us today for what was a very long and arduous walk. It was just a case of getting through it. The path is rough and storny and largely a river after the rains of the last week.

As I have done all week, I walked with Karen and Matt. What I would have done without these to immensely strong people, I can only guess. I certainly wouldn’t have completed the walk. They are both giants in my life and I can never thank them enough.

The Crocs came out for the last few miles along the road through Fort William.

We organised a bus to take us back to Glasgow, and the beer and prosecco flowef freely accompanied by Alan Oliver as the DJ. It was a great trip back, punctuated with a stop for chips in Tyndrum.

And then I was home. I was in bed by 8:40 and here I am at 3 in the morning waiting for the start of Day 7, the final day of the West Highland Way 2017, from Drymen to Milngavie, 11.8 miles 

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