Day Three – Inverarnan to Tyndrum & Bridge of Orchy to Inverornan

A better day. The sun put in an appearance, the rain showers were short (but sharp) and the paths improved. I couldn’t decide whether it was better to be soaked in the rain or eaten in the sunshine. Yes, the Scottish midgy put in an appearance.

The day was going swimmingly until we finished our 12.2 miles at Tyndrum. On arrival we discovered The First Thing the Guide Books Don’t Tell You – taxis. There are none. Why would there be? All the potential customers are people who walk everywhere. Which gave us a problem…. How do we get to Inverornan? The only public transport available, the bus, only went as near as Bridge of Orchy, 2.2 miles from Inverornan. We would have to walk a bit more that day.

The bus left Tyndrum at 18,50. So we had fish and chips and then the 11 of us plus Claire’s dog, Corrie, waited for the bus. Then we discovered The Second Thing the Guide Books Don’t Tell You – only guide dogs are allowed on buses. Options were thin on the ground. Claire had missed the opportunity to say “who said that?”when the driver said guide dogs only and there  are no Korean restaurants we could sell her to. Someone was going to have to walk the whole way to Inverornan. Another 9 miles. In the dark.

Tony and I were about to volunteer when Mighty Matt boomed “I will take the dog”. And that’s what he did.

What a guy.

The tenth anniversary of my diagnosis is tomorrow. That was the day gave it a name. Ten years ago today was all about fear – the of the worst day of my life. But here I am, with sore feet,  heading to Kinlochleven. 18 plus miles.

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