Tuesday 6am – The Drovers Inn

Day two – Rowardennan to Inverarnan

From my sketchy memory of 2008, the worst is now behind us. Like I did in 2008, I arrived at the Drovers hobbling, soaking and exhausted. This time there was also elation.   For the first time in a long time I took the physical limitations of my Parkinson’s on and they didn’t, couldn’t, stop me.

Day two involves a lot of scrambling up and down the banks of the Loch for 10 miles followed by a 4 mile hill walk once you leave the Loch behind. Miles 7 to 10, the 3 miles after lunch took nearly three hours. It is brutal in any weather,  and yesterday like in 2008, it pissed down.

I was wringing wet by lunchtime so I swapped my sodden shorts for my wet weather trousers that keep falling down. This was a mistake. When I needed my hands free to scramble they were otherwise occupied holding my breeks up. And sometimes I had to put my own physical well being ahead of the mental well being of my fellow walkers and let go. The was undeniably selfish.   If it was hard for a, imagine what it must of been like for Claire, who walked behind me through the worst of the scrambling. No-one should have to endure what she endured on those Bonnie Bonnie Banks

The bad news is Bundy has injured his knee and will be heading home today. Edward will be assuming the role of grumpy bastard. Tony continues as pie man.

I march on.

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