It was the 4th of July and the air was thick with anticipation; not for fireworks but who would be the first to catch the king of fish, a salmon. had donated a days fishing for three rods on the Middle Pavilion beat of the river tweed as an auction prize during the 2012 Wobbly Williams annual dinner and it was now time to fish!

Having arrived our Ghillie Mick sat us down in a hut by the bank, made a quick brew, and attempted to corral our anticipation with “fishing” talk of low water levels, fish not moving and it would have been better if it had rained in the last few days. His words melted into the back ground as we looked around the walls at past record catches for the year, photos of the river completely frozen and photos of fishermen holding FISH.

As Steve, the fisherman amongst us, headed off to the bridge pool Mick set about teaching the two learners how to cast. In a very short space of time (30 mins) the two boys were fishing away. Relax, take your time, lift the rod gently and the line will follow, give it time to develop out behind you, now, move it forward, stop the rod tip at 2 o’clock, now watch the line flow out in front as the energy from the rod transfers to the line. This is easy, now to catch a fish!

The hunt was on, cast twice then take a step down stream, cast twice again then another step down stream covering the water as you moved, if there’s a fish in here surely it can’t refuse such a delicate morsel.

Its 11.00am and time for a break. I discover I’m fishing without a fly; Mick explains it must have come off when I hit the ground behind me, lesson learnt. Mick also explains no one knows why the salmon take a fly as they don’t eat in the river; he thinks its just curiosity.

Back to a different part of the river and back to concentration, two casts then take a step. Mick calls lunch, I discover there is no fly on the end of my line; I threw some great casts, that’s why I haven’t caught a fish yet.

Lunch is what you bring; we had a bloke’s lunch. Pork pies, bacon and egg sandwiches, cakes, beer followed by cheese and port, fantastic.

The sun came out, I look up the river behind me to note Steve has decided to lie down on the bank for a rest, Steve is the fisherman amongst us so I presume it is the done thing; I nod off watching 6 ducklings catching flies on the water surface.

Mick calls us for a brew.

Alright boys last hour lets go catch a fish, anticipation levels are seriously high.

Both Steve and Lenny saw a fish, I’m sure I saw a big fish or was I dreaming?

We have had a great day, its time to go home and dream of fish, anticipation levels are extreme; there’s no way we won’t catch a fish next time!

Fantastic day, many thanks,

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