After much soul-searching I decided not to go to Montréal to the world Parkinson Congress. This was a big decision for me, I was up to my neck in Glasgow 2010 and could quite easily have made a case for going. But not a good one. The best reason I could come up with was I have never been to Canada. So I will go to Canada some other time.

At Funding Neuro we are putting a plan together to assist Professor Gill with his delivery system which is producing such promising results with Parkinson’s treatments and to see if we can apply it to other brain disorders, particularly cancer in children and multiple sclerosis. This plan would not have been helped by going to Montréal. I am primarily a fundraiser and the WPC is for boffins. I was not going to raise any money going to Montréal, and indeed I will probably spend a whole load.

Many other factors contributed to my decision. The primary one being I am away much of October on business and pleasure and something had to give. It was a decision made easier by a comment made by my neurologist when I told him I was planning to take coenzyme Q10 when I was first diagnosed. He asked me how much it would cost and I replied about £5000 per year. He said “you would be better off spending that money going on holiday in the Caribbean.” This comment has always stuck with me. So when the opportunity to go to the Czech Republic to go on a brewery tour with Eddie surfaced, I took my neurologist’s advice and plumped for the beer over the Parkinson’s.

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