Newly Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease?  Bummer.  For all of us, that day was a black one.  One of the worst.

How do you cope with living with Parkinson’s, particularly Young Onset Parkinson’s disease?  What will Parkinson’s do to me?  Will Parkinson’s disease kill me? How will I pay the mortgage?

Thousands of questions about your Parkinson’s to which time will provide answers.  This section is to give you confidence to face the roller coaster.

From the basics of Parkinson’s disease and the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease to the issues of living, laughing and coping with Parkinson’s disease.

Read the articles and learn this – you have been dealt a crap hand of cards.  How you play them will determine your experience of Parkinson’s disease.  All of the people who contributed to this site have Parkinson’s disease and have a common approach…..  

Keep Laughing, Retain Hope, Stay Positive.